3 ways to wear animal print this autumn

3 ways to wear animal print this autumn

It’s been hard to miss the animal print looks that have been stalking the catwalks. That trend is filtering down to the streets and is one of the more wearable Autumn looks. Should we be influenced by passing trends if we believe in sustainable fashion? Well, the good news is that vintage and charity shops are great hunting grounds for everything from leopard to snake-print. (Last pun, honest). Plus animal print is a trend that keeps coming back. So chances are a well-chosen piece, in a classic cut or shape, should last for many years to come.

Here’s a selection of animal print clothes which are all ethical or sustainable. As well as three tips on how to wear animal print keeping it up to date to look more like Kate Moss rather than Bet Lynch.

1. Clashing animal prints
For the adventurous why not try head-to-toe clashing prints? The neutral tones in leopard and zebra prints make them surprisingly compatible. Alternatively, clash an animal print with a bright neon [1] or heritage check (and nail two of this season’s trends in one go).

2. Eye-catching accessories
If you’re looking to ease into animal print, a handbag with some subtle print [2] or snake print ankle boot [3] can be the perfect place to start. Ankle boots are also great to see you through from Summer into Winter. Or a pair of sunglasses [4] all the way down to a pair of earrings [5] for those unconvinced by the prints.

3. Leopard + denim
Another accessible way to approach leopard print is to pair it with denim. That could be a full-length leopard dress [6] with a denim jacket. Or a leopard coat with jeans.

animal print
Ethical or sustainable ways to tackle animal prints

Whichever way you end up wearing, enjoy! We’d love to hear what you think. Add a comment below or find us on Instagram @thehappens.

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