Our aim is to curate a selection of stylish brands that also happen to be ethical or sustainable.

We look for brands that create well designed, good quality and wearable clothes. Importantly these brands also work hard to minimise their impact on the environment or maintain fair working conditions where the clothes are made.

Ultimately we want to make the choice for consumers easier. When you need to add something to your wardrobe, our aim is to showcase a list of womenswear and menswear brands that are making a difference. Truly feel-good fashion.



Fiona Day
Fiona Day. Founder, The Happens

Fiona Day
I started out in the events industry before moving into advertising which was my focus for over ten years. However, I’ve spent the past two years gradually getting more involved in ethical fashion.

I was an enthusiastic shopper who always felt a tinge of guilt with every clothes purchase. I had a vague feeling that there was a dark side to the clothes in my wardrobe but no clear understanding of the issues. When I tried to investigate, the answers were very fragmented. I wanted to try and build a more comprehensive way to help people who were in a similar situation. That’s why I launched The Happens to build an information hub with practical and inspirational resources to help others make more positive choices.