6 Ethical Mother’s Day gifts (that you might secretly covet)

6 Ethical Mother’s Day gifts (that you might secretly covet)

In the UK, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re lacking inspiration, here is our pick of six beautiful gifts that also happen to be ethical. Or perhaps you’re a Mum and looking to drop some hints? Well, either way, we hope this list will help. We’ve looked for items that could be worn or used again and again. Hopefully, they’re classics that will become everyday favourites. The selection seems to by quite a colourful one. Perhaps that’s the influence of Spring. And, worst case scenario, if the Mum in your life isn’t that keen on the gift all of the options are ones that you could happily keep for yourself. Starting in increasing price order, here are our favourite, ethical Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Lipbalm / tint
This is one of those clever multipurpose products; it’s a lip balm and cheek tint in one. It has moisturising shea butter so softens as well as adding gentle colour.

There are plenty of other products in the range including eyeliner, and mascara. They are all made from vegan ingredients and are packaged in a metal tin or glass bottle for the mascara. Happily, they are shipped in recyclable packaging. So no giant box filled with polystyrene balls. Hurray.

You can get this lip balm for £5 –> here. They also make one in red if that’s a better skin tone fit.

vegan lip balm for mothers day

2. Let’s talk about socks baby.

Sorry for the terrible Salt n Pepa reference there. Anyway, this is a selection of socks from the brand Komodo. They have a range of beautiful designs. All of them are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and are great quality. They also give a percentage of profits to Clean Up Nepal with each purchase. All of which can make you feel even better about your Mother’s Day gift.

The socks are £6 each, 3 pairs for £15 or even 5 pairs for £22. Get yours –> here.


3. You can never have enough socks!

Playing around with the theme above… if you would like your gift to extend beyond Mother’s Day how about a sock subscription? Revolutionary Basics offer monthly, quarterly or six-monthly delivery of a pair of ethical socks. You can choose from plain or patterned depending on how fancy you want your gift to be. You can also cancel whenever you like.

Prices start at £9.99 for the fun of a surprise pair of socks being delivered once a month. Click –> here to find out more.


4. Simple, elegant, earrings

I have a pair of these earrings and I never take them off. On that basis, I’m not sure I could give them to my Mum. I think we’re too old to be matching. However, I think they would make a great gift. They come in two sizes; the small one is 2cm diameter and the large is 3cm. They feel very light on and haven’t irritated my ears (which I’ve had with other, cheaper, earrings). They are however gold plated with a sterling silver hook.

These earrings are from the Fair Trade collection. They have plenty of other equally elegant styles to pick from.

The small ones are £36 and you can get them –> here.


5. My (not-so-secret) favourite

These Elvis & Kresse cardholders are beautiful. And the story behind them is just as fantastic. There are so many brilliant features it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s start with functionality – these beauties can carry up to 6 cards and would be great as an Oyster cardholder. Especially in this yellow so it’s easier to spot when you’re scrabbling around looking for your card. It comes in four other colours; the grey is very elegant if you’re looking for a subtler gift. They can also personalise it for you by laser etching on to the inside of the cardholder.

Now for the feel-good-factor. These are made from rescued leather and decommissioned fire hose and are lined with reclaimed parachute silk. Plus 50% of the profits go to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Buy yours –> here for £50.


6. The showstopper

This is a ‘splash the boat out’ gift. However, it feels like a gift that could be worn for years to come. This beautiful Beatrice necklace is available in silver (£170), gold or rose gold (£215).

These are handmade. They are also giving £5 from every purchase to a charity that is helping restore our flagging bee population.

One fly (or should that be bee? Sorry) in the ointment is that they are handmade to order. So there’s a 2 to 4 week wait. Worth the wait as long as your Mum would make do with a card in the meantime?

They also do beautiful earrings and lovely shirts too. Check them out –> here.

If you’re still looking for inspiration why not check out our post about ethical jumpers –> here.
That’s it. We hope you enjoyed reading our selection of ethical Mother’s Day gifts. Gifts or not, we hope you have a wonderful day.

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