5 stylish ethical jumpers for women to take you into Spring

5 stylish ethical jumpers for women to take you into Spring

I’m revisiting wool. This time ethical jumpers for women. Although let’s face it most jumpers could be his or hers. Anyway, here in the UK there are some signs of Spring. It’s almost that time when you can wear a warm knit with a lighter coat and feel like you don’t need a million heavy layers to be warm enough. Hurray! Once again this selection is mostly 100% wool. I’ve tried to avoid any wool blends or cotton for the time being. And of course, they’re all from brands that are ethical or sustainable.

The selection of knits is pretty traditional – but would last you for years if not decades. They’re also super versatile so great cost per wear potential.

Plus, wool is basically a super fabric – it’s breathable and doesn’t get too clammy, doesn’t need washing as often as other fabrics, doesn’t need ironing, neutralises odours, is biodegradable…Let’s hear it for wool!

  1. Brights


Starting with some colour from People Tree. I like this unusual take on a traditional cable knit jumper. It looks chunky without being unwieldy or hard to wear underneath a jacket. A pop of colour for the grey winter days, 100% wool and hand knitted in Nepal. I think it would go nicely with some wide leg culottes for the in-between weather too.

Plus, it’s in the sale; reduced from £125 to £79. Bag your bargain by clicking here!


2. The ultimate staple

Ok so this one is the priciest of the selection. However, it’s worth it with 100% softest cashmere so there’s a good reason for the higher price tag. I’m a sucker for a grey jumper and denim shirt. Simple ribbed knit, no distracting pockets, nice clean lines. Possibly the very definition of a wardrobe staple. It comes in 8 colours so if grey is too tame they have a lovely looking yellow or royal blue.

£395. To see the full range, click here


3. UK made

This photo was taken at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin where I met the team from Peregrine. They are a family firm that has been creating knitwear and coats for over 220 years.

I love this jumper with a mix of colour and different stitches to lift it from boring and yet still versatile enough to get plenty of wear. It’s 100% merino wool and the whole process happens in the UK from design in Bristol to manufacture in Manchester factory.

Great value at £85. There are plenty of other jumpers (and coats) I could have picked out. Have a look at them here

4. Country living

This one is from another UK ethical fashion brand called Bibico. It’s hand knitted in Nepal with a 2-tone, 100% wool yarn. Each piece is unique & really warm. I like the look of the fit – an alternative to the baggy safety blanket.

Another one that’s in the sale (quick) reduced from £119 to £75. Click here to learn more about the Giselle Jumper or Bibico.

5. The curveball

Ok I’ve been sidetracked by this gorgeous shawl. Abstract up close, geometric pattern from a distance. It comes in many different colours and is 100% Geelong so lightweight but warm. Designed in in Orkney. Knitted and hand-finished in the Borders in Scotland. Love.

£130 for the shawl or £98 for the scarf. Buy yours here

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