Winter Woolies – 5 stylish menswear knits to keep you warm

Winter Woolies – 5 stylish menswear knits to keep you warm

It’s flipping freezing out there. So it’s time for the woollies. The moths have attacked a few of my favourites so I’ve been having a look for replacements. If you’re planning on a winter knit purchase here are a few great options. I’ve mostly excluded jumpers that aren’t 100% wool. Cotton jumpers are great Spring/Autumn staples but don’t keep out the icy winds of December. So here are cozy, warm knits that will work hard as part of your outfit. Plus, wool is basically a super fabric – it’s breathable and doesn’t get too clammy, doesn’t need washing as often as other fabrics, doesn’t need ironing, neutralises odours, is biodegradable…Let’s hear it for wool!

  1. The smart-ish all-rounder

This all-rounder comes from Sir Plus. The moss stitch allows makes this breathable so this jumper will keep you warm but also allow air in to stop overheating. The colour is great – versatile enough to go with almost anything from dark jeans to work trousers. It’s 100% merino so not too heavy, and made in England. At £95 it’s pretty good value too. You can buy it from Sir Plus here. And while you’re at it, read about how they make great shirts and waistcoats from offcuts and surplus clothing.

2. Safe and warm

This one is also from Sir Plus and still 100% wool. This time lambswool and made in Scotland. Comfortable looking crew neck – not too claustrophobic. Slightly heavier than a merino jumper and in a classic dark navy. A wardrobe stable at £85. What’s not to like? Buy yours here

3. A bit more of a statement

This jumper is part of the Finisterre True North project (check it out here). Which means that it is made from 100% British Merino wool and 100% British made. From the farm in Devon to being knitted in Manchester (via Yorkshire where it’s spun). A modern take on a Fair Isle pattern helps make a statement without being too over the top. Warm. Stylish. Done. £165 here

4. Patagonia dreaming

Ok, a compromise for the human radiators out there who can’t cope with a completely wool jumper – this one is part wool and part organic cotton. It’s from the brand Armed Angels who go to great lengths to ensure their beautifully designed clothes are top quality and planet friendly. Their wool comes from sheep in Patagonia who roam freely all year round and come to the farm once a year to be shorn. Lucky sheep. You can see the lucky sheep in question here. The jumper is €129.90 and you can buy it here.

5. East London vibes

I’m a sucker for a good mustard knit. Although perhaps best avoided if you’re blond. Might make things a bit too yellow. Anyway, the last in the selection is this one made using supersoft Shetland wool. They’re traditionally crafted in the North East of Scotland using 100% Supersoft Shetland wool and are seam-free. This means no bulky seams and also that each garment is knitted in a single unit, eliminating all wool waste. Made by Jennifer Kent, £95, available here.

That’s it for now. There are many more beautiful knits that will be included in a follow-up post.



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