Swotting up…

Swotting up…


It’s September. Which is a bit scary. It’s the Unofficial New Year. We’ve been merrily sailing through August with a breezy mantra – “it’s the Summer holidays, no point doing anything now, everyone’s away”. Well, that’s out the window. School uniforms have been bought. The weekend supplements are full of checklists on how to sell your home before Christmas. A host of new TV series are about to begin.

So in an effort to kick-start the unofficial NY we’ve booked tickets to some events as a bit of a wake-up call.


1. Sustainable Fashion London:


This is happening during London Fashion Week. And at the end of it all I’m going to be more up to speed on:

Sustainable Design: The value of design in social and environmental innovation including clothing, accessories and textile materials.

Ethically Made: Addressing the issues of supply chain exploitation through fair employment, innovation, sustainable materials, low waste production and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Retail & Consumption: The impact of consumer behaviour and decision-making in relation to ethics and sustainability. Responsible advertising and cause-related marketing. The role of retailers in recycling and product lifecycle.

Education: Reframing pedagogical approaches within fashion education to ensure a sustainable future.

Look out brain.

Thanks to Debbie Moorfield for organising.



2. Beyond Clothing at Somerset House


In particular, this talk is going to focus on the impact of tech. The ways it can lessen the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. As well how tech can help to make the supply chain more transparent.










Bring it on. We’ll post more updates once we’ve been. And open to any suggestions for any other events we should be going to. Please help us supersize our brains!


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