So, can technology make the fashion industry more sustainable?

So, can technology make the fashion industry more sustainable?

Thanks to everyone who came along last Wednesday to our sustainable fashion event. I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting so many of you. It struck me that sustainability is an old-fashioned concept; buying only what we need, looking after it and trying to get as much use as possible from what we have. Perhaps technology is offering us the opportunity to breathe new life into old ideas. Whether that’s by quantifying how much we have in our wardrobe or digitising how we can recycle our clothes. I learnt a lot so thanks to the speakers and for all of the great questions on the night.

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If you didn’t have time to stay for the full event you can read an interview with each of the speakers here:

Abbie Morris, Founder, Compare Ethics
Compare Ethics is an online search tool that is making it easier to search according to your values. Would you like to buy a new handbag that’s vegan? Or perhaps a pair of jeans made in the UK? Check out the site and they are always looking for feedback so I’m sure all comments are gratefully received.

Zoe Partridge, Founder, Wear the Walk.
Rent beautiful clothes from emerging designers. An opportunity to add continuing variety to your wardrobe whilst minimising the environmental impact. And looking sharp while you do it.

Hasna Kourda, Founder, Save Your Wardrobe
Helping us save time getting ready in the morning, and get better value from the clothes we already have. Save Your Wardrobe will digitise our wardrobes and help suggest outfits, clothes alterations, cleaning and repairs. If you would like early access or to be part of the research by the University of Glasgow – sign up here.

Chidubem Nwabufo, Founder, Impact Fashion
What happens when you fall out of love with your clothes? Use the Impact Fashion app to find your nearest textile bank. No matter how old or stained the clothes they can all go in the bank. Chibudem’s tip was to put really old / dirty clothes in a bag and label them as scraps. That way they’ll be easily sorted at the recycling centre. That old pair of socks could end up as car seat upholstry.

I also enjoyed listening to each speaker’s top tips for being sustainable. They each had small, practical things we can do to make a collective difference. They included:
– be water aware and wash youu clothes less often and at a lower temperature
– never, never throw clothes in the bin
– don’t save your clothes for best. Get as much wear out of them as possible!
– if you’re passionate about sustainable fashion talk to your MP.
– ask for experiences rather than physical gifts for Christmas.

If you have any other tips please share them in the comments section below. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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