Ethical Outfit Finder

Ethical Outfit Finder

Do you have a special event coming up and you don’t know what to wear?


A job interview where you think about what you say rather than how you look?


Do you want to start switching to ethical rather than high street brands but don’t know where to start?


Our outfit finder will give you personalised suggestions put together with quality, stylish clothes from ethical or sustainable brands.

To find out what your new looks could be, take these three easy steps:

1 – Complete our style survey. Our series of specially chosen questions will help our stylists put together the right looks for you.

2 – Review the outfit suggestions. Within 48 hours, we’ll email you three personalised looks based on your answers. If there are items in the selection you wouldn’t wear, let us know and we’ll update them.

3 –Decide which items you would like to buy. Each item will have a link through to the relevant shop so you can buy it straight away at no extra cost.

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Outfit Finder


You’ll receive at least three different outfits, each one will have a description of the pieces, the brand story and a link to purchase the item.

Here’s a sample look:

Outfit finder
A sample outfit built using the answers from a style survey. You’ll also get details about each of the brands featured and where you can buy the items selected in the outfit finder.


The style survey gives the opportunity for you to select a particular event that you would like outfits for. We will create tailored outfits whether you want to look sharp at happy hour or liven up a day in the office.

It also asks for information on your style influences, areas you’d prefer not to expose and some colour preferences. At the end of the survey, your results will be reviewed here at The Happens and we will build your bespoke outfits.

Our hope is that we make it easier to make better decisions about what makes it into our wardrobes. The brands we include in the Outfit Finder are all built around an ethical core. That may mean they only use organic cotton, or that they only work with small factories that believe in looking after their workforce well. Each outfit look will come with some details about the brand, their ethos, and a link to enable you to buy the items that you like the most.

That’s it. No hidden costs, no catch. Just the opportunity to discover stylish, ethical outfits. Want to try it out?

Outfit Finder