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A question we’re asked very often is what are your favourite brands and where do you shop? So we’re putting together a directory of sustainable, eco or ethical clothing brands. We’re adding to it each day so please do check back if you’re looking for inspiration. Also please do get in touch if there are any brands we should add.

The Knotty Ones

Inspired by traditional Nordic crafts and babes with attitude, we make sustainable knitwear.
Work Lithuania Website: Online store
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A range of contemporary knits with a great story. This brand was started by three friends who went travelling and met some garment workers. This exposure to the conditions experience galvanised them to do things differently. The Knotty Ones knits are made with sustainable fabrics and mostly by stay-at-home Mum’s in Lithuania.

This Loop Sweater (€169) has a great oversized feel and would be a great wardrobe staple.

They offer free shipping to our European customers on orders above $100.

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