Recycled clothing. No keep reading. It’s gorgeous recycled clothing.

Recycled clothing. No keep reading. It’s gorgeous recycled clothing.

Did you know that today is Global Recycling Day? Well, honestly, no. I didn’t. In my defence it’s the first one.

So we’ve picked out five beautiful pieces of recycled clothing, made using materials that highlight just how exciting recycling can be in the right creative hands.

1. The versatile shirt

Recycled clothing

This shirt is made from recycled plastic bottles! Amazing. What’s more it’s digitally printed to save water and energy. Best of all the design is beautiful.

Check out their website and you’ll see they’ve styled it nicely with a pair of wide-legged jeans. However, it could work just as well with a dark denim or even pale pink trousers.

Last but not least it’s in the sale and seems amazing value at just £42. Check it out –> here.

2. To dress up the shirt

recycled clothing

This necklace looks as if it could go perfectly with the Golfo Dulce shirt. It’s a double layered necklace made from brass. Actually, there are plenty of items to pick from the Made range. They’ve created a desirable mix of minimalist design and handcrafted skill.

Their signature style comes from the extensive use of reclaimed brass throughout their range. Wearable, affordable, ethical and sustainable. Win.

They are £35 and you can buy them –> here.

3. The finishing touch

recycled clothing

If I were shopping for an outfit this is the bag I would buy to go with the shirt and necklace.

This amazing clutch bag is made from up-cycled ring-pulls, hand crocheted upcycled metal tabs and Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather. Wow. Forgetting all of that it looks sensational. Another story of exceptional craftsmanship crossed with strong design influences. In this case Narciso Rodriquez.

More of an investment that the previous two options but a piece that will get people talking. I’m told that the new Bottletop store in Regent Street, London is well worth a visit. The interior 3D printed from 60,000 recycled plastic bottles and 5,000 cans!

A more luxurious price tag of £295 and available here.

4. And on to fishing nets!

recycled clothing

This coat is made with recycled fishing nets. The down is responsibly sourced and mixed with microfiber quilt to keep it lightweight and warm.

It’s a strange time of year to be writing about down jackets. Especially given that in the UK. British Summer time officially begins in 5 days. Then again, it was snowing this weekend here in London. So it seems right to mention that the Daphne coat also comes in comes in a pale blue and black.

Ecoalf have recycled more than 80 million tons of discarded fishing nets so far. I love their mantra that In trash we trust. Their range extends to shoes, waterproof jackets and t-shirts or sweatshirts. Check them out –> here.

5. The master

recycled clothing

Last but no means least, this tote bag has been hand-crafted in the Christopher Raeburn studio from military parachute fabric. Each one is completely unique. Plus they can pack away into a small pouch. Limited edition. Quick snap one up before they are all gone –> here.

If you wanted to have a look at their site, the silk map t-shirts are also beautiful. Made from 1950s Royal Air Force silk escape maps. What could be more evocative than that? Each t-shirt looks different depending on the part of the map used.

If you want to read more about Global Recycling Day here is their website:

Oh and one last special mention – a feature from our Mother’s Day special. This Elvis & Kresse card holder made from firehose rubber. Check them out –> here.

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